What is FarODP?

Get live data from the Open Directory Project to your own website. Let visitors browse and search categories of websites. This script is easy to install; just upload this script to your server. You can easily customize the layout by editing the templates. It supports thumbnails of websites, caching, filter adult categories and searches, foreign language support, search engine friendly mode, and URL rewriting.

Free Download

Click below to download the latest version of FarODP, FarODP Version 6.1 (Updated January 16, 2012)

Why is FarODP Unique?

Unlike other scripts which scrap content raw, FarODP completely interprets it, so you can fully customize how the data is displayed. Because FarODP fetches live data rather than downloading the whole ODP database, it only requires only 10 MB of Disk Space!

The only server requirement is PHP version 4.3 or above. No database required!

Quality is our Passion

Our uniquely coded software and XHTML complaint templates only scratch the surface of what FarODP is all about.

Our software is 100% template-based. The professionalism in the web pages far exceeds other link indexing scripts. Our clean XHTML code is also optimized for search engine indexing.

SEO Friendly

This script is optimized toward both people and search engines alike. Let your search engines crawl through your pages easily, with our XHTML complaint code.

In addition, this script supports URL rewriting. So search engines won't tell the difference that your site is actually dynamic.

Announcement: Easy Upgrade from FarODP 6.0 to 6.1.

Version 6.1 changed several files from the previous version 6.0. To upgrade to Version 6.1 from the previous 6.0, you only need to update these files: config.php, includes/common/RealURL.php, includes/html/OpenDirectoryHTMLInterpreter.php, templates/Search.php, and templates/Functions.php.