Thing Thing 2

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This is a challenging shoot-'em-up sequel to side-scrolling game, thing thing. You have to shoot down a minimum amount of enemies on each level.

Grab all the ammo and weapons that you tumble along your excursion.

This game has a save feature! It spontaneously saves after every level or you can go to the options to manage your data.
;=A, D or Left, Right:Move
;=W or UP:Jump
;=S or Down:Run
;=F or Numpad 0:Change weapon (Num Lock must be on)

Red = health

White = '''stamina'''

'''Stamina''' is your energy. It will regenerate slowly.

Your health will also regenerate slowly.

*You can't shoot an enemy that is too close to you, but you can punch.
*When you shoot, your gun would recoil. You will have to time your shots or compensate for the recoil by moving your mouse when this happens.
*The reticle on the screen is only accurate when the weapon has completely reset.
*You can get new weapons by competing certain levels, or finishing with a high score.