Chinese Checkers

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Play chinese checkers against your computer.Each player has ten pegs of one color at one starting point of the star. The objective of the game is to occupy the star point directly opposite. The first player to accomplish this is a winner. Of course if in the same round more than one players reach the end point all of them are winners.

Each player moves in turn, (in this implementation clockwise). A move consists of placing a peg into one of the adjacent holes or jumping over any other one peg into a hole beyond. The direction of the move has to be one of the following: left/right, forward left/right, backward left/right in respect with players position on the board. Only one move is made at a time, except when jumping. Then the player can make any number of jumps in any direction as long as all the moves are consist of jumps. A player can jump their own or their opponents pegs. No pegs are removed from the board during play.

The Interface:

The whole game is split into two main panels, the "Game Setup" panel and the "Game Board" panel. Using the "Game Setup" window you can choose the number of players you want in the game, positions and colors.

- Using the red button you can choose the number of players.
- Using the green button you can change the order of the players
on the board.
- Using the blue button you can choose the color of the

All the changes you make affect the order, the color and the number of the dragons on the middle of the panel. By clicking the dragons you can choose between computer or human player.

Finally (for this panel) you can press the "Play" button to start a game.

When you choose the "Play" button the "Game Board" Panel appears and the game starts immediately. On the top left of the screen you see the color of the player the is currently making a move. On the bottom left you see the "Stop" button which stops the game and brings you back to the "Game Setup" panel. The most of this panel is covered by the board of the game. This is were you see your pawns and you make your moves.

- When is your turn to play you can choose your move by following
these steps:
- Choose the ball that you want to move by clicking on it.
- Choose the first move by clicking on a free position, for near
moves only one selection will be allowed, for far moves (jumps) you
can choose as many as you can (according to the rules).
- When you have "drawn" your path you double-click on the last
position of your move and the computer moves the pawn.
- If you want to cancel a move you just click on the selected
pawn and the computer will erase the move path.